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  • Disk Size Explorer  v.1.5Disk Size Explorer is a advanced and more powerful disk space, directory and folder size usage analysis software. It helps you to explore and analyze your hard disk space easily. Features include file and folder size, free space, drive type, ...
  • PortableStorageExplorer  v.1.3.3Portable Storage Explorer displays remote network computer USB devices, removable storage, CD-Rom and DVD drive information and state, drive type, serial number, revision, device name, last cleaned time, device vendor and more.
  • Password Protection System - CD Edition  v.1.02This powerful security application will allow you to password protect any file(s) to be put onto a CD, DVD, or other drive type. When the program is run, it will ask for a password, and deny entry to unauthorized users. In addition, you can set ...
  • Need3Space  v. Free Space is a comprehensive set of tools which helps you control and manage your disk space, while also gathering free space, for any drive. You can find duplicate files, temporary files, junk files, empty files and folders.
  • NTFS Partition Recovery Ex  v. file recovery software recover lost or missing data from corrupted or formatted NTFS or NTFS5 partition file system based hard disk. Application restore entire office documents, web files, digital pictures, images and other saved information.
  • AutoRun Settings  v.1.3AutoRunSettings gives easy access to the basic Windows AutoRun settings.
  • DeskMount Lite  v.1.0If you ever worked on a Mac, or with Linux and other Unix variants, you probably noticed that when you insert a CD, or attach a USB storage device, a shortcut will appear on the desktop automatically. Windows does not have this behaviour. DeskMount ...
  • NTFSLinksView  v.1.05Starting from Windows Vista, Microsoft uses symbolic links and junction points of NTFS file system in order to make changes in the folders structure of Windows and keep the compatibility of applications written for older versions of Windows. This ...
  • .Net Combos Controls  v.3.0.4099Softgroup .Net Combos Controls include several advanced controls with wich you can enhance the user interface of your applications: ' ComboColors ' EditColor ' ComboDrives ' ComboFonts ' EditFonts ' ComboImages ' ComboPrinters ' ComboList ...
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